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Hi, Welcome to the “It’s like this” podcast, your common-sense mental and spiritual health talk show where we answer your questions and explore your world, one episode at a time. This podcast might be for you if you want to be a wiser, stronger, and more in-tune human being. I am your host, Dr. Uejin Kim, a dual board-certified psychiatrist and also a fellow human being, walking alongside you on this journey. 

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Public Speaking

Dr. Kim is a firm believer in community education. Her passion is to destigmatize mental health in different arenas in life. If you are interested in booking for her to speak at your congregation, please reach out to

Guest Speaker at Drop the BS Podcast

83: Should You Use Medication to Manage Your Mental Health? w/Dr. Kim

If you’ve ever considered using medication to deal with your mental health. Questions about how it may affect your personality or do they even work may have crossed your mind. After all, we have all heard those horror stories about people looking like zombies after taking mental health medication. But what is often not talked about is the thousands of people each year who are able to break free from long-standing mental health issues through the use of medication. On today’s show, I’ve brought in board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist Dr. UeJin Kim to help us explore using medication to improve your mental health.

Here’s a glance at this episode:{[12:19]} Why medications don’t work the way we expect at times?{[17:56]} Using therapy and medication is the key{[22:16]} Should teens take medication?{[28:27]} Can medication impact career choice?{[30:00]} Getting medication from a psychiatrist or primary care what’s the difference?{[33:23]} Common medicines for depression and anxiety{[36:06]} Tool box takeaway

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Women's Wellness Psychiatry

Today's episode is my conversation with Dr. Uejin Kim, a child & adolescent psychiatrist practicing in Texas who uses her own background to inform her work with patients. We discuss common parenting anxieties and how to break through them, particularly when there are cultural differences or a history of trauma.

Learn more about Dr. Kim at Restore Psychiatry and her podcast as well.To learn more about me and my reproductive & integrative psychiatry clinic helping patients across California, please visit -

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Let's Get Restored with Guest

Let's Get Restored! This week Dr. UeJin Kim, the owner and a dual-board certified MD-trained psychiatrist at Restore Psychiatry MD PLLC., will chat with us about how she is able to support her patients by understanding their stories rather, why she takes a conservative approach to medication, how she enhances treatment with therapy and coaching, and how her hope is that restored people can restore other people!