S1E18: Suicide: Why we are all at risk and What we can do about it (ft. Gil

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This episode was supposed to be launched in early 2023 but I thought it was fitting to release it early due to another loss of a public figure due to suicide. As a mental health provider, sometimes stories and cases confuse me and throw me off. Why? How? What? Psychiatrists, more than other medical field physicians, are supposed to be more familiar with and an expert at understanding suicide. But, the more training I get, the more I am aware of what I don't know... but I want the listeners to know what I at least know.In this episode, I have a guest who is very familiar with death and suicide, Gillian Rodriguez, a therapist who specializes in prevention, intervention, and postvention of suicide. She and I have a conversation as human beings trying to understand the intricacies, depth, and darkness of suicide. We will also talk about perspectives and sources of hope for people who are wondering if suicide is the solution to their life's pain... and those around them who love them.If you are wondering and considering suicide, please reach out to help. 9-8-8. You matter.**Disclaimer: This podcast's content is not intended to diagnose or treat any disorders but rather for informational, educational, and empowerment purposes. Please consult with your physician or mental health provider for specific medical and mental health needs. Our connection via social media platforms does not constitute a patient-physician relationship.**

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Gillian Rodriguez, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, pronouns she/her, is the CEO of Trellis Counseling & Co. PLLC, a private practice for counseling that specializes in Suicide Ventions (pre/inter/post), Trauma and Grief. Before opening Trellis, Gillian directed the Behavioral Health Integration Program (BEHIP) at Ikare Mood, Trauma, and Recovery Clinic, and completed research and clinical internship rotations with the UT Health Transitional Care Clinic. She developed ©After Suicide: Survive, Learn, Heal in response to experiencing a tragic loss by suicide in the summer of 2019 and has since completed five cycles of the group, graduating 31 participants using telehealth, completely free of charge. She has presented at the American Asdsociation of Suicidology Conference, and with San Antonio Council on Drug and Alcohol Awareness (SACADA). She is trained in EMDR, Crisis Response Planning, and Virtual-Reality based therapeutic interventions, as well as psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.  She is also a fourth-generation funeral director and embalmer, and was called to serve in Uvalde, Texas as a mortuary and counseling professional after the Robb Elementary School Mass Shooting Tragedy on May 24, 2022. She has remained there 3 days a week, providing trauma and grief counseling through expressive healing arts in partnership with the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas. During this service, she donated thousands of Warmies, stuffed animals designed with weighted lavender beads that can also be warmed to encourage sensory soothing. In service of her own community, Gillian has launched the Affirmation Station Project, which creates custom packages of mirrors and affirmation cards for school counselors to display in their offices with students. She has created and distributed 10,000 Mental Wellness Pocket Guides in partnership with Day One Bags, a non-profit focused on ensuring children in acute residential transition or placements are provided with secured bags to carry their things, instead of garbage bags. In November, she represented Trellis at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention “Out of the Darkness” Walk and Event