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Clinical Services, Fees, and Insurance

Initial Assessment

A patient will be directly interviewed by Dr. Kim using the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model. She will be asking questions about past and current symptoms, family history, and life events to have a comprehensive understanding of your mental health. Then she will discuss treatment options and their risk and benefits. 

  • Initial assessment (~60 min): $390    

*It is possible that initial intake might take more than one session. Dr. Kim will explain before doing so. 

Follow Up Appointments
  • Medication Management: $175 per (average every 1-3 months)
  • Therapy: $300/hour (average weekly)
  • Parenting/Life Coaching: $300/hour (as needed basis)
  • Group Parenting Coaching and Speaking Arrangement Available
Clinical Services Outside of Patient Encounter

These clinical services provided by Dr. Kim will be prorated using a $300/hour rate. Services include but are not limited to:  

  • Refill request, discussion regarding treatment, gathering collateral information OUTSIDE of appointment 
  • Collaborating or consulting patient's other providers 
  • Filling out the documentation

Currently, Dr. Kim is NOT taking insurance. We can provide a Superbill for you to file for reimbursement.

Laws prevent us from accepting any form of private payment from Medicare patients. 

Patients with non-applicable insurances can opt to apply for reimbursement by an insurance company after the clinical encounter. We will provide you with a "Superbill," or a receipt of the clinical encounter. Please talk to your insurance company if this is possible. Please refer to this resource page for more information.

Telepsychiatry visits and In-Person Visits

We conduct IN-PERSON visits and ONLINE visits.

If Dr. Kim prescribes you a controlled substance, you would need to physically see her in person within appropriate time intervals to abide by legal guidelines (Ryan Haight Act). 

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