Medication Management

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There is a wide spectrum of perspectives and experiences when it comes to taking psychotropic medication. Some have concerns about side effects if their personality changes, taking medication for their whole life, and being "dependent" on drugs. Others are hesitant to try medication because of what they saw, heard, or even experienced. I totally understand.

On the other hand, many individuals have had positive results with using medication. I have witnessed firsthand how medication can help provide stability so that you can focus on what is important to you and find enjoyment in life. 

Human beings are complex. We have biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of life. All these factors influence and shape how we see ourselves, others, and the world in which we live. Psychiatric medications are considered a biological factor and one of many tools that I use in your treatment plan.

I approach medication management with a whole-person perspective. I believe there are ways to minimize the need for medication by changing behaviors, developing coping skills, identifying and processing emotions, and learning to express yourself and communicate in a healthy and positive way.

I am conservative in using medication. I focus on relationship building and therapy. I do not prescribe to treat isolated symptoms. I prescribe to treat the overall clinical presentation and diagnosis. I start medications at low doses and increase slowly. I do not make multiple medication changes all at once. I will give you 1-3 reasonable options with medication management, answer any questions, and encourage you to decide what you think will be most helpful. On each visit, I will check in with you and we will focus on your emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth. While this is not a “fix everything right now” approach, I believe this is the best and most sustainable way to achieve whole-person mental health care.

If this resonates with what you are looking for or what you think you need, please reach out!