Parenting Perspective: What to focus on and what to let go

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Most people say "Oh, I had good parents." Then I ask, "Oh, did you tell your parents about you getting bullied?" They laugh and say, "No, I can't tell them anything like that."


Because it wasn't the place for that.

But,  guys, isn't that sad?

This started my life-long journey to know what it means to be a parent that gives my children a childhood where they can be children. In this episode, I share what I observe in my life (and those around me) and in my practice. I know that parents rarely intentionally withhold safety and support, but their focus was MISPLACED. If you can hear this episode and make you RECONSIDER a few things about your parenting OR even your own childhood, I would consider it job-well-done. Now, let's dig deep to know what parents were SUPPOSED to focus on. 

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